Tom Brokaw: No Obama Scandal As Serious As Watergate, Iran-Contra, Or Abu Ghraib.


Tom Brokaw, in an interview on MSNBC (naturally), claimed that none of the Obama scandals was as serious as Watergate, Iran-Contra, or Abu Ghraib.  Conspicuously absent of course was any mention of Bill Clinton’s numerous scandals. (H/T Breitbart’s Big Journalism)


This is the standard liberal line when they get caught doing something wrong and can no longer spin or deny it:  “well, sure, but the Republicans (insert did it too, did it worse, did it more times, etc. here).

But even a cursory examination of Brokaw’s claim shows how vacuous it really is.

Watergate vs. Obama:

Nixon was attacked over Watergate for covering up the break-in at DNC headquarters, something he didn’t know about before it happened and he did not order.  Nobody died from Watergate, and it had no effect on Nixon’s reelection. Obama let people die in Benghazi, and probably won his election by lying to Congress (through his staff), the American public, and the press about it.  He even lied about it during one of his debates with Mitt Romney, with CNN’s (impartial moderator?) Candy Crowley helping him along.

Obama used the IRS, FBI, ATF, OSHA, EPA and Justice to target his political enemies, label every conservative, Christian, or gun owner a terrorist, and then imply (for the second time) that it would be okay to use drones to kill them…on American soil…without charges or a trial.  He abuses the law to attack those he dislikes and refuses to enforce it against those he favors, like wind power companies:

The Obama administration has never fined or prosecuted a windfarm for killing eagles and other protected bird species, shielding the industry from liability and helping keep the scope of the deaths secret, an Associated Press investigation has found.

Each death is federal crime, a charge that the Obama administration has used to prosecute oil companies when birds drown in their waste pits, and power companies when birds are electrocuted by their power lines. No wind energy company has been prosecuted, even those that repeatedly flout the law.

Then there’s Obama’s refusal to enforce any law he doesn’t like, such as immigration law and the Defense of Marriage Act, violations of both law and the separation of powers principle of the Constitution.

You’re right Mr, Brokaw, there’s really no comparison.

Abu Ghraib vs. Obama:

Abu Ghraib happened without Bush’s knowledge, and once it came to light everyone involved was prosecuted, yet liberals all blamed Bush and demanded he take responsibility.  Contrast this with something most in the press never cared about, much less tried to blame Obama for: the death squad roaming Afghanistan killing (not humiliating or abusing, like at Abu Ghraib) people almost at random.

A US military investigation reported that the group randomly targeted civilians for sport. In one incident, a soldier is alleged to have thrown a grenade to feign an ambush as a pretext to shoot dead an innocent villager. Bodies were cut up and photographed and the soldiers are said to have kept bones and a skull as trophies.

Oddly enough, Mr. Brokaw, nobody ever seemed to think Obama should even be mentioned in relation to this story, much less held responsible.  And again, unlike in Benghazi, nobody died at Abu Ghraib except for one man whose death was disputed and over whom no charges have ever been filed.

Iran-Contra vs. Obama:

Reagan’s people tried to broker a deal to supply rebels fighting a war against a Soviet-backed dictatorship after Congress unconstitutionally infringed on foreign policy decisions and tried to offer Iran some defensive weapons to get our hostages in Lebanon released…all while the same liberal Congress was accusing him of not doing anything to get those hostages back.  In essence, Iran-Contra was not about Reagan or even Reagan’s people doing anything morally wrong or abusing the Constitution or the American public; it was Democrats in Congress and the media upset that Reagan’s people defied their will and refused to let them dictate that we appease the Soviets and let the hostages rot in captivity.

Obama used Fast and Furious to funnel guns to Mexican drug cartels in order to inflate the numbers of American guns seized in Mexico in order use those numbers to justify an attack on the 2nd Amendment.  Then Obama, Holder, and everyone involved lied to Congress and the American public about it…and some were actually promoted.  

Obama involved us in the war in Libya, while defying the War Powers Act, claiming that he didn’t need to comply with it because we were not in combat.  In fact, our forces were in combat:

The United States Marine Corps captains who rescued two U.S. Air Force pilots in Libya said today they feared hostile fire during the rescue mission but describe an otherwise smooth operation that lasted about an hour and a half.

Can’t have rescues under enemy fire when there’s no combat, can you?  Obama broke the law and lied to Congress and the American people while doing it.  Is anyone starting to sense a recurring theme?

Like with all liberals, the only history Tom Brokaw remembers is revisionist history.  When it comes to scandals and abusive government, Tom Brokaw tried to revise all Republican scandals upwards, Obama’s downwards, and Bill Clinton’s numerous (and far more serious than any Republican scandals) scandals right out of the record.  Which could be argued is less incredibly intellectually dishonest than what other liberals, like Garance Franke-Ruta from The Atlantic are doing.  (H/T The Blaze)

The main difference is this: In contrast to the highly personal nature of the Clinton scandals, none of the so-called Obama scandals involve direct actions by the president or his wife..

Of course, when Clinton was president, we were all supposed to see his scandals as less serious because they were “personal” and not related to how he governed.  Now, however, they are actually more serious than Obama’s because Clinton actually knew about his.

Which assumes, of course, that anyone believes that Obama never seems to know about anything that happens in his own agencies, which if true, is a serious charge in and of itself, not that you’d ever hear that from the likes of Tom Brokaw.

It’s comforting to know that, as Tom Brokaw has repeatedly claimed, there is no liberal, left-wing bias in the media.