Administrative Bureaucracy


Only about a third of the Code of Federal Regulations are in these books.

Liberals Use The Administrative Bureaucracy To Make Law Without Legislation.

The so-called “Fourth Branch of Government.”

The massive and almost unlimited power controlled by career government employees at the upper levels of the federal government, which is created by legislative language.  Many laws passed by Congress have passages that empower individuals or departments to make regulations in order to implement those laws.  Each regulation carries the force of law, and many also carry criminal penalties…so many that are so byzantine, in fact, that some law experts say that every American is a felon on any given day…without knowing it.  In other words, there are unelected, unaccountable so-called “civil servants” with the power to literally make their own laws.

By conservative estimates there are tens of thousands of these laws, with many tens of thousands more on the drawing board.

The most recent and egregious example of the power of the administrative bureaucracy is contained in the language of Obamacare, with tremendous power afforded to the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make law at her discretion.

Look at this Google search result for “Obamacare power to make law” if you don’t believe it.  Obamacare regulations are already eight times more lengthy than the Bible.

Liberals use this sort of administrative power to entrench the reach of government, so that regardless of who sits in the White House or Congress the power of the federal government continues to expand by bureaucrats in various departments making more laws.  For the latest example, see the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

See this Google result for an idea of the size of that power.  It’s become so huge that it’s getting too hard to even quantify it.

Does anyone think that’s a good idea?

The latest examples of the power of the administrative bureaucracy are found in the use by the Obama administration of various federal agencies to punish its political opponents.  The career employees in these agencies will remain in power regardless of who occupies the White House and will continue to do his bidding long after he’s gone.