Shellie Zimmerman Domestic Violence Claim Questionable, Police Say

Police Say Shellie Zimmerman Changed Story, No Gun Or Injuries Found At Scene.

The Lake Mary, Florida police say Shellie Zimmerman’s domestic violence claims are in question after she changed several statements made in her 911 call to police.

It seems that after police arrived, Shellie Zimmerman just happened to clarify that she never actually saw a gun, despite claiming that George Zimmerman threatened her and her father with one.  She also claimed on the 911 call that her father’s nose appeared broken because George Zimmerman punched him, but police saw no evidence of injury when they arrived.  George Zimmerman cooperated fully and allowed himself to be searched, and no gun was found nor was there any evidence that he had committed any assault.

Just Another Standard Divorce Tactic?

It appears that Shellie Zimmerman may have been simply using a common soon-to-be-ex wife sort of tactic here:  get a domestic violence call on record, then use that record in divorce court.  Women know that despite at least half of all domestic violence being committed by women, the common myth in the public and media psyche is that of “violence against women.”  Even Congress gets into the act; we don’t have a federal “Domestic Violence Prevention Act,” which would indicate gender neutrality.  We do have a Violence Against Women Act, which obviously implies that only men commit domestic violence, and in fact Democrats used some Republican opposition to the act as “proof of the Republican war on women.”

Police also often assume the man is at fault and act accordingly.  In this case it appears to have failed, at least so far.

According to police, because this is a domestic violence case, it is up to the state attorney’s office to decide whether charges are warranted.  They must first find out who was the primary aggressor, if there was one at all.

The media and left-wing outlets have jumped all over this, claiming that this is yet more “evidence” that George Zimmerman should have been convicted.  It is doubtful that this latest development will have any effect on their spin efforts.