Republicans Support Amnesty As Way To Punt On Social Security Reform

Many conservatives are scratching their heads (or more likely, tearing their hair out) over so many Republicans suddenly pushing for amnesty for illegals.  There is plenty of evidence that the current “reform” bill being pushed by the Gang of Eight does none of the things they say it does, and that the overall effect is a massive increase in illegal immigrants and their families being allowed to stay in this country without any consequences for violating our laws and sovereignty.  Yet these Republicans continue to lie to us about what the bill does, and some, like Marco Rubio, even star in ads claiming this is the “conservative” solution to the problem.

The question is why?

I believe the answer is actually very simple and has less to do with trying to win Hispanic voters and much more to do with the GOP’s fear of incurring the wrath of senior citizens.  What does one have to do with the other?  The CBO analysis of the amnesty bill has a revelation that isn’t being talked about much, except by some conservative organizations like Heritage Foundation:

Many policymakers believe that after amnesty, unlawful immigrants will help make Social Security solvent. It is true that unlawful immigrants currently pay FICA taxes and would pay more after amnesty, but with average earnings of $24,800 per year, the typical unlawful immigrant will pay only about $3,700 per year in FICA taxes. After retirement, that individual is likely to draw more than $3.00 in Social Security and Medicare (adjusted for inflation) for every dollar in FICA taxes he has paid.

There it is.  The GOP is hoping that a massive influx of new workers, even low-wage, unskilled ones, will allow them to kick the Social Security reform can down the road a few more years.  Eventually these new “taxpayers” will be collecting Social Security, actually adding to the problem of insolvency, but in the short term they represent a fresh influx of tax money, allowing the system to be shored up for a bit longer.

Every time the Republicans try to reform Social Security and stop its inevitable bankruptcy due to not enough workers paying in to support the retirees collecting, Democrats rile up the AARP and the so-called “Gray Panther” types, telling them that the GOP “doesn’t care about old people, wants old people to starve, wants old people to choose between food and medicine,” etc. and Republicans, rather than explain the Democrat lies for what they are, cave and do nothing.  Legalizing tens of millions of illegals provides an instant, if temporary, solution to the worker-to-retiree ratio.

The establishment GOP sees the amnesty bill as a “win-win” situation for them.  They get to pander to the “Latinos first” racism of Hispanic voters and put off having to deal with Social Security for a few more years.  By the time the fallout finally lands from their duplicity, they’ll be out of office or dead and it will be somebody else’s problem.

And they clearly don’t mind lying to us to accomplish this “victory” for themselves.

The GOP and RNC really shouldn’t wonder that the fundraising mail they send me ends up in my shredder, unopened.