Obama To Use “Enforcement Discretion” To Allow Illegal Health Insurance Policies Until After 2014 Elections


Obama Plans To Use Enforcement Discretion To Allow Insurance Companies To Sell Illegal Health Insurance Policies Through 2014

President Obama has said he has the power to use enforcement discretion and administratively allow insurance companies to continue to sell health insurance that is otherwise illegal under Obamacare.

Under the new loophole, Mr. Obama will leave it up to state health insurance commissioners to decide which sub-standard plans can still be offered by insurance companies, and he has pledged that his administration won’t penalize them for still offering those plans even though they violate the Affordable Care Act. The extension will last only one year.

To translate:  Obama will simply ignore yet another law, allowing vague and unofficial “exemptions” to Obamacare, but only until after the 2014 elections, when he will again enforce the destruction of the health care system…once Democrats have presumably been saved from the voters’ wrath.

There are numerous things wrong with this approach.

The Insurance Companies Will Not Go For It.

Who among insurance executives will trust Obama to not suddenly turn on them and retroactively enforce the law with fines or worse, should he decide to?  No insurance company will risk the liability of offering what will still be literally illegal insurance coverage when the government could change its mind without warning and punish them.  It would also leave them open to lawsuits by patients accusing them of poor or ineffective insurance because they would be enticing customers to buy an illegal product, which the Obama White House has repeatedly called “junk” and “substandard.”

Expect Obama to blame the insurance companies when they correctly refuse to put themselves in the crosshairs by going along with this nonsense.

Obama Doesn’t Have The Authority To Do It.

Obamacare is “settled law,” liberals have repeatedly told us.  Obamacare is the “law of the land,” they say, and we should “get over it” and live with it.  Does that not apply to the President of the United States, who is the chief law enforcement officer of the country?  Obama doesn’t have raw authority to simply refuse to enforce any law or portions of law that he decides are inconvenient to his party’s election chances next year.

After all the lying, past and present, about Obamacare, simply picking and choosing what parts of the law will apply and when, and to whom it will apply and when, regardless of the written statute, is grounds for lawsuits at minimum.  In a world where Republican leaders possessed male genitalia, it would result in impeachment.

Obama And The Democrats Look Like Complete Hypocrites To Even Try Obama’s Extra-Constitutional Approach.

Throughout Bush’s presidency Democrats referred to him as a dictator and his administration as an “imperial presidency.”  Bush never did anything even close to Obama’s rampant violations of his constitutional limits.  To a public already angered by Obama’s serial lying on the subject of Obamacare, Obama simply deciding to refuse to implement the law until after the elections is transparent pandering by an out of control dictator.

And as pointed out above, every time the Republicans have tried to change Obamacare even a little, Democrats have screamed “it’s settled law” and “Obamacare is the law of the land” and how dare Republicans try to change a law “passed by both houses of Congress, signed by the President, and affirmed by the Supreme Court?”

How do they explain that Obama may change, at his whim, that very same law…with no legislation or approval by Congress?  Expect some serious verbal gymnastics while they try.


It’s time for GOP leaders to finally grow a pair and impeach the banana republic, Hugo Chavez Jr. in the White House.  If they let this latest illegal and unconstitutional action by the petty dictator Obama stand, then there is no law in the United States of American any longer.

There is only so much Americans will take.