Irony Alert: Eric Holder Tells Darrell Issa His Conduct Is Unacceptable And Shameful

In a scene taken straight out of Bizarro WorldAttorney General Eric Holder had the unmitigated gall to tell Representative Darrell Issa that his conduct was “unacceptable and shameful.”


This is the height of shamelessness.  This man, a racist who has led an agency which commits racially-based prosecutions (or refuses to prosecute based on race), which gives cover for Obama’s law breaking, which refuses to enforce laws Obama doesn’t want enforced and generally serves as an arm for the left has the nerve to tell someone else their conduct is unacceptable and shameful?  It’s the hallmark of a tyrannical administration filled with power-hungry Marxists who operate without conscience and without limits to their conduct.

If the Republicans don’t finally stand up and do something concrete, this country is finished.  Freedom cannot stand when dictatorial power goes unchecked.