David Gregory Cites Biased Poll, Lack Of “Protests In The Streets” To Claim Obamacare Popular

David Gregory Tell Ted Cruz He Didn’t “Move Anyone” Because There Are No “Protests In The Streets.”

David Gregory is the perfect illustration of my maxim about liberals: liberals have no shame, no  morals, no intellectual honesty, and all history to a liberal is revisionist in their favor.  In a recent interview with Ted Cruz, Gregory illustrates every facet of this maxim by selectively quoting polls and conveniently forgetting the history of Obamacare to make his point that Cruz’s filibuster had no effect, according to Gregory.

There are not protests in the streets arguing to do away with this law in the way that you’d like. Fifty-six percent in one poll this week, New York Times-CBS, said let’s uphold the law. So I’m focusing on results. Your goal, and results. Where have you moved anything?

What Poll Results Actually Say About Obamacare And Why Gregory Ignores Those Results.

This is a whopper on two fronts.  The first is on the poll Gregory cites.  It’s the first poll since…well, ever…that shows any sort of support for Obamacare, and Gregory is cherry picking biased results.  The poll question that provided Gregory’s “fact” was worded in a way designed to provide a certain result.  Respondents were asked “what should Congress do about the health care law?”  The two answers were:

  • Uphold law and make it work (56% – the stat cited by Gregory)
  • Stop law by cutting off funding (38%)

Where was the simpler and more direct option...simply to repeal?  That option doesn’t appear, because of two things.  One, when polled that way, majorities favor repeal.  Two, the media have frightened the public into associating “defunding Obamacare” with “government shutdown,” which they have also frightened the public into thinking will be a huge disaster, even though it won’t be one at all.  Naturally when you give a poll response that involves Obamacare and “funding,” the low information voter panics because they think Grandma won’t get her Social Security check.

But Gregory also left out another result from this very same poll:

View of the Health Care Law:

Approve:  39%

Disapprove: 51%

Don’t Know:  10%

Even in Gregory’s cherry-picked, biased poll the results actually say that clear majorities want the law at least changed and real polls show that most people want it repealed entirely, as long as you don’t associate that idea with a government shutdown.  That’s why Gregory and the Obama media continue to conflate “shutdown” and Obamacare.

Suddenly David Gregory Cares About Marching Crowds?

The other half of Gregory’s argument, that there are no “protests in the streets,” also shows his complete lack of integrity.  Since when has David Gregory (or anyone in the media) ever decided that “protests in the streets” were the standard for whether or not Obamacare was a good thing?

They certainly didn’t think so when this was happening:


Nancy Pelosi mocked those protests, and rubbed in her “victory” over them by doing this:


Did David Gregory demand that the Democrats stop Obamacare, since so many people were protesting in the streets?  Did David Gregory tell Nancy Pelosi she was being unduly confrontational and provocative by throwing Obamacare in the protesters’ faces?  Not really.

Actually, he instead compared those protesters to terrorists and implied that protesting against the government was tantamount to violence against it.

I’m talking about the tone. I am talking about violence against the government. That’s what this is synonymous with.

According to David Gregory, lack of “protests in the streets” means people want to keep Obamacare, but “protests in the streets” to stop or repeal Obamacare means the protesters are terrorists, racists and violent extremists.  It’s the old liberal “heads I win, tails you lose” logic.

While he trashes Ted Cruz for not inspiring protests in the streets, if Cruz had triggered those protests Gregory would instead trash him for causing protests in the streets, just as he trashed Republicans over protesters back in 2010.

Rigged polls with biased questions, cherry-picked results, intellectual dishonesty and selective historical memory…all the traits of the good liberal on display by David Gregory.