Coke’s New America The Beautiful Commercial Is Disgusting


America The Beautiful In Anything Other Than English Is Disgusting.

For those of you (like myself) who missed the Coke commercial in which America The Beautiful is sung in several languages and English is almost missing, here it is.  This Coke “America The Beautiful” commercial is disgusting.



Naturally this commercial has spawned a comment war between liberals and, as liberals call them, “racist, xenophobes, hatemongers, half-wits, teabaggers, morons, etc.” and I could not resist debunking some of the common liberal mythology about this country as found in many of these comments.  Or, as the Weird Al Yankovic line goes, “everything you know is wrong.”

America Is Supposed To Be Multicultural.

No, it’s supposed to be “The Great Melting Pot.”  Look that up, libs.  It’s not supposed to be a bunch of separate ingredients refusing to get into the pot.  If one places all the ingredients for a good chili in a pot, it becomes chili because the ingredients surrender their individual properties to the whole.  They don’t all congregate is separate areas of the pot and demand to remain ground beef, beans, cumin, etc.  Multiculturalism gets you a bunch of separate ingredients that will never be chili.  Yet many liberals commented that everyone speaking a different language illustrated how America is a melting pot.  Make sense of that one.

And while we’re on the subject, why don’t liberals ever demand that other countries stop being so proud of their heritage, and in fact, quite the opposite?  Multiculturalism is based on immigrants coming to America and refusing to assimilate because they “should be proud of their heritage, culture, language, etc.” but Americans are never allowed to do the same.  If embracing diversity is so wonderful, shouldn’t the immigrants be expected to stop being “jingoistic” and give up their culture in the name of diversity too?  Here, we’re supposed to adopt the immigrants’ ways (not the other way around) and if we go to another country, we’re expected to adopt their ways (certainly not the other way around), right libs?  Apparently only Americans are mandatory multiculturalists.

America Is Multilingual.

Language is a common cultural glue.  Here in America, that glue is English.  Yes, people come here speaking many languages, but there’s a reason Mexicans expect you to learn Mexican (ask a Spaniard if Mexicans speak Spanish) if you move there, as do Japanese if you move there, or French if you move there.  You move to them, so you learn THEIR language, not force them to learn yours.  It’s called respect for your so-called adopted country.  By the way, liberals, why don’t you ever criticize the French for their lack of diversity in wanting to keep their language all French or Japan for wanting to keep their language Japanese?  Liberals only ever seem to have a problem with ONE country in the world wanting to keep its language.

And yes, it’s true there is no “official” language, but don’t be stupid. liberals.  We’re not Switzerland either.

Only The “Native Americans” Have A Right To Be Angry About Their Language Not Being Used.

There are no “native” Americans.  There are only those who arrived first; technically nobody is indigenous to this continent.  The fact that they were later conquered means very little, otherwise most countries currently in existence would fall under the same question of legitimacy.  For some reason, liberals only seem to question OUR legitimacy as a nation.  And since we’re on the subject of “diversity” and we know that the “native” Americans actually came here from Asia, shouldn’t we relabel them as “Asian-Americans?”

America The Beautiful Vs. The National Anthem.

And last, and this goes for both sides of the argument, America The Beautiful is not the National Anthem.  That is The Star-Spangled Banner, which is a completely different song.  So many comments were some variation of “it’s awesome to see the National Anthem sung in different languages” or “singing the National Anthem in all these languages sucks” that it makes one’s head spin from the fact that so many Americans apparently don’t even know what song the National Anthem actually is.

This is our National Anthem.

This is America The Beautiful, sung the way it was meant to be sung.  On the other hand, I’m not sure why I like it, given my inherent racism…./sarcasm.

The utter lack of understanding by liberals of history or even the basic meaning of words they throw around is both sad and frightening.  I fear for the future of what used to be a great country.