About Marcus Porcius



Marcus Porcius is a conservative.  He believes in what Mark Levin refers to as the “civil society” living under the condition of ordered liberty.  He believes that the Constitution is the highest authority in the United States of America, and that it is to be applied as written.  Laws against murder, rape and other major crimes don’t change just because they were written “a long time ago,” and neither should the Constitution be treated as inapplicable in modern society just because it wasn’t written last week.

Marcus Porcius is a veteran and has held positions in the medical field, information technology, education and security.  He’s been trained in such diverse skills as PC repair, electrocardiography (EKG), Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare defense, and urban warfare.

Marcus Porcius is a voracious reader, constantly devouring books, magazines, and articles both print and online.

Marcus Porcius is political junkie of the first order.  He listens to, watches or reads politics, mostly national, constantly.  He analyzes policies and political figures and pontificates about them incessantly, much to the chagrin of friends, family and unfortunate bystanders in checkout lines.  His wife finally told him to stop yelling at her about it and write it down.  So he does.

Marcus Porcius is not white.  Despite liberals’ constant implication of his being an “angry white man,” the description is inaccurate for more than one reason, but the most basic being that he is not white.  Therefore any “racist” attacks on non-whites are in fact not based on any notions of “white supremacy.”  They are based on policy, just as they are against whites.  Marcus Porcius dislikes liberalism regardless of the Pinko stooge’s skin color.

He’s available to write for conservative sites, media or other more generic writing tasks…reasonable rates, always negotiable.

Marcus Porcius is someone who really loves to refer to himself in the third person.

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